Mobile/Tablet Comprehensive Damage

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Protection from accidental or liquid damage to your mobile


Annual Premium

1 Year

Policy Duration

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What's covered?

What's not covered?

Any damage caused by any deliberate act or wilful negligence is not covered.
Depreciation applied at the time of claim.


Normal wear and tear, superficial scratches are not covered.
Any damage reported within 7 days from the activation of the plan is not covered.
Damage due to incorrect storage, poor maintenance, incorrect installation, or incorrect set-up are not covered.
Any damages reported after 48 hours from the date of damage
Any repair cost done by someone else will not be reimbursed.
Devices that are not bought in India are not covered.
Devices that do not have a minimum of 1 years manufacture warranty in India are not covered.
Cosmetic Damages like scratches, dents or wear and tear are not covered under the plan
Theft is not covered under the plan
Plan purchased beyond 30 days of purchase of the mobile phone.
Any damages to the accessories are not covered under the plan
Any defects covered under the Manufacturer’s warranty
Accidental or liquid damage to your mobile phone
Free pickup and delivery
Paperless, cashless claims: No forms, no hassles
Protection continues with device change
Upto 2 damage repair requests within one year
If you drop your phone or damage it due to an accident or liquid, we fix it.
Our service partner will arrive at your doorstep to either fix it there or take it to a workshop, and then return it to you.
If you change your mobile phone, the protection will continue.
Only two repair requests within 1 Year is allowed. Depreciation will be applicable at the time of raising the damage repair request.
The first claim amount will be deducted from the second repair request, in addition to the depreciation of the phone.