7 Best Travel Planning Apps and Websites

We’re less than a month away from this year’s festive season and that means one thing…

Planning for holidays!

While some are counting the days to going home and visiting family, others are looking forward to their next exciting trek to an unknown land that is waiting to be explored! Whatever the destination or reason to travel, we’re all busy doing one thing. Booking tickets for the journey.

Living in the digital era, you will have a ton of choices. Exploring all the options and availability can get tedious. Why stick to the boring, common travel booking websites when the market is filled with many exciting apps and websites which let you plan your trip exactly your way!

We’ve broken down the best new age travel planning apps and websites for you. Have a look.

Best Travel Planning Apps and Websites:

1. TripHobo- (Trip Planner) 

Love planning timelines on how to spend the day? Or do you suck at planning altogether? Either way, you’ll love this super simple and flexible planner for your upcoming trip. From travel destinations to hotel stays, they have everything under one roof (in one website), to help you plan your entire trip by the hour! Its interface is a masterpiece, enabling even the worst of planners with a custom and editable trip planner. You must see it to believe it!

2. CollarFolk- (Trips With Pets)

Are your pets feeling unattended because of your love for travel? Tag them along to your trip and everyone is happy! CollarFolk came up with this brilliant fix and the means to make it happen. They got in touch with properties all across India that were kind to owners as well as their pets. They also let property owners list their property for a pet-friendly vacation for another family. From pet-friendly pools to cab services, it’s a complete vacation package that you and your pet will cherish for a lifetime!


3. Beyond Travel- (Group Adventure Travel)

Why just travel when you can make memories, friends and much more on the go?! These guys organize and lead small-group journeys for like-minded travelers. Groups range from women-only travelers to yoga, bikers, to wine lovers, mom & kids, and more. On request, They’ll even help you create a customized journey for your own private group!


4. Tripoto- (Adventure Travel Bookings)

One look at their website will bring tears of joy to the wander-lusting traveler inside you. Exotic travel destinations are laid out and categorised in ways you’d wanna have a look at and then start writing your resignation letter. 30 Cities under 30, Food and Drinks, Wildlife Tourism, and many other ways to explore the world.

For some kickass tips for travel planning hacks click here!

5. WeAreHolidays- (Advice By Travel Expert)

With their founding team made up of members from Make My Trip, WeAreHolidays is a young startup in the online leisure travel space. They have created a buzzing holiday space, where you’re put in touch directly with the experts, that are verified and curated by the platform. These are local and in-destination experts, from across the globe, planning holidays for many years; who will provide you with crucial value-adds you won’t find anywhere else. All this, and really friendly prices!


6. Zostel- (Backpacker Hostels)

If you’re a sucker for socialising and backpacking, there is no other way for you. You need to checkout Zostels (backpacking hostels) at 28 different locations, in India and Nepal. They’re scenic and have travelers from all walks (and countries) of life. Wanna dive into the travel community? There couldn’t be a simpler way to do so.

While you make your plans and do your bookings, keep in mind that taking risks is fun and having a backup is smart. No one ever said that you can’t be both!


7. Toffee Insurance – (Bite-sized Insurances)


Toffee Insurance brings the most travel-savvy online International Travel Insurance policy for your trips abroad that are also friendly to your time, travel and pocket! Now, we won’t make a sales pitch out of it, check us out for yourself! 

International Travel Insurance by Toffee Insurance

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