Best Free Fitness Apps That Make Fitness Fun

Fitness Is The Fad.

The more one dwells into the corporate lifestyle, the more they realize that this might not be true. The reason fitness has emerged into a mass movement is primarily because of the sedentary lifestyle the corporate life brings upon us. Gaining those extra pounds (non-monetary type) was never so effortless. Neither was shedding them so hard.

And because we’re all looking for ways that are a little more exciting and less exhausting (monetarily speaking) than a gym membership –

Here are the best free fitness apps by far that make fitness fun!


1. Zombies, Run!

Someone once said, “You’ll only know how fast you can run while being chased.” No, we’re kidding. No one ever said that, but possibly someone thought of it while making this app. The app narrates stories that are unlocked as you complete tasks and asks you to run fast when you hear the zombies coming, through your headphones of course. It’s a fun way to start working out without getting bored of your own playlist!

2. Asana Rebel

If you find the thought of Yoga boring – just visit this app. Yoga never looked so badass before. They upload new routines daily targetting different body parts. The instructor practices with you and you literally spend the exact time as the video’s length for your session. And mind you these sessions are more than calm and simple postures. The intensity keeps increasing with every new pose, and that’s where the fun is!

3. Fitternity

This new pay per session fitness app has a whopping 4.4-star rating on the Play Store and not without good reason. This is a perfect match for the fickle-hearted that love trying all kinds of fitness activities and have a hard time committing to one gym/ center. Unlike your gym membership, you don’t need to pay a heavy lump sum fee and can instead pay per session. They claim to have a tie-up with 12,000+ Gyms and Fitness studios where you can book a class according to your convenience, at the center you want to choose.

4. Aaptiv

Looking forward to being trained in some form of fitness but don’t have a clue where to go? Go to Play Store and download this app. With 2,500+ trainer-led audio files in various forms of fitness like running, cycling, strength training, yoga, etc., this app is a complete bundle for fitness enthusiasts. You can even train for marathons and track your diet. They add more than 30 classes every week so you can never run out of new, fun things to do!

5. Fitocracy

This is more than just an app, it’s a community. When it comes to slaying the laziness dragons, you can count on the motivational tactics of Fitocracy. With challenges and quests that help you earn points, this app fuses gaming and fitness together like none other. If you’re competitive, or just impulsively social, this app could be your drug to keeping fit while having fun!


Making waves in the fitness industry is this new app that might just be everything you need to fix your lifestyle altogether, health-wise. From fitness-centric meals, DIY-at-home workouts, meditation, and yoga guidance to attending sessions of various fitness forms at exclusive ‘’ centers, these guys have everything set up under one app. HRX, Zumba, Boxing, and Prowl are just a few fun things to learn at these centers!

7. Toffee Insurance

We don’t exactly qualify as a fitness app but most certainly do complement all the above fitness apps. With our Fitness Insurance plan, that looks after your medical expenses in-and-out of hospital, in case you accidentally get injured during a fitness activity. Just like all the above apps, buying the policy is completely online and so is claiming for expenses incurred. While your health insurance covers you for bigger problems our fitness policy takes care of the small things that matter too.

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